Divorce is a challenging predicament that a growing number of couples deal with. It is difficult in many aspects. 

Starting a divorce case, or the divorce process (ones that do not take place in a court trial) can be difficult and confusing. This is especially true for couples who have not yet resolved important issues. 

Such issues could involve financial, civil, property, or anything that both parties share. But to ease the start to a divorce process, it is best that both spouses are well prepared. 

So how do you prepare for a divorce? Let’s dive in deeper. 

How To Prepare For Divorce: Financial Aspects

There are financial aspects of a divorce to prepare for. You can do this by doing the following:

First, save money.The whole divorce can get extremely expensive. To give you an idea from our recent article, a divorce may cost you somewhere from $10,000 to $15,000, on average. 

On top of that, the cost of a divorce lawyer must be factored in. This can be $220 to $250 per hour on average. So it is best to save money before starting a divorce case. 

Second, try to save as much personal money as you can. This differs from the first suggestion, as this money is to support you after the divorce occurs. 

The court considers the money that you earn while married marital property. Meaning, during the divorce, the court will divide the money between you and your spouse. 

Thus, having a separate bank account can help you sustain yourself and possibly your children once you and your spouse get divorced. 

Third, know what you own and owe. As mentioned earlier, during a divorce, the court will divide marital properties equally. This includes assets and properties such as houses, financial accounts, vehicles, intellectual property, and other assets acquired during your time as a married couple. 

It is suggested to provide financial documents to your divorce lawyer during the divorce. This includes income, assets, debts, and more. If possible, try to gather as much of this as possible before filing for your divorce. If you can organize these documents beforehand, that will be one less thing you have to worry about once the divorce process gets going.

How To Prepare For Divorce: Civil Aspects

First, be prepared for custody decisions. Having children during the course of divorce can be quite difficult. But it is best to always spend time with your children. 

Although this is not a competition of being the best parent between you and your spouse, this may be a large factor that will affect custody decisions. 

Prepare your kids for a lifestyle change as much as possible.  

Second, hire a divorce lawyer. Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a huge advantage during divorce. This is especially true when it comes to contested divorces

A divorce attorney can help you win divorce cases and can be a strong ally who will fight for your best interests. But you will need to cooperate with them in order to get a better chance of winning. 

How To Prepare For Divorce: Emotional Aspects

First, know that you may experience mixed feelings about divorcing your spouse.

Divorce is not easy. Not just because of the financial and civil factors. But it is an extremely emotionally charged and stressful process.

Seek out comfort of close friends. In some cases, seeing a therapist may be very helpful. And, also, try to take some time for yourself and do things that bring you some joy and happiness.

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