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How To Get A Divorce With No Money

How To Get A Divorce With No Money

Going through the whole divorce process is complicated and pretty much fits the saying “there is no easy way out.”

For instance, approaching your spouse asking for a divorce is not easy. Neither is a divorce trial, especially during contested divorces

And lastly, not everyone who needs divorce can easily afford it. This is understandable as divorces are necessary, but can be expensive.

But you can file for a fee waiver to eliminate a significant amount, if not all, the cost of your divorce. Today, we will share with you how to get a divorce with no money.

How To Get A Divorce With No Money

Getting a free divorce is even more complicated than the normal divorce process. There are a lot of things you must prove to the court before having a free divorce. 

Let us go over the process of divorcing your spouse without paying fees at all.

The first thing to do is get the divorce forms, which you would typically do in a divorce. You can do this either by visiting the website of your local divorce court or going to the local courthouse. 

And before you can get your court fees waived for the divorce, you will need to show proof that you are unable to afford the divorce. 

The next step is to show the court that you cannot afford the cost of your divorce. This is to convince your court that you really cannot afford the divorce. 

You will need to show proof of your:

  • Income including:
    • Social Security
    • Child Support
    • Disability Benefits
    • Payroll
  • Assets
  • Debts including:
    • Credit Card Debts
    • Loans
    • Utility Bills
  • Tax may also be requested

You have to notarize the documents that you have shown. Either your bank or the court clerk can notarize these documents that you have shown upon filing for the divorce. 

Your documents will be reviewed by the judge. In some cases, a hearing regarding this is needed. 

After notarizing your financial documents, your court may approve or defer your petition for a fee waiver. Deferring your fee waiver means that you can pay for the court fees later. 

Here are some more tips to reduce the cost of your divorce:

The first thing to do is to remain civil with your spouse. 

This means that if it is not necessary, do not go for a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is much cheaper as you put less effort into the divorce.

However, if there are some things to dispute, then you may need to seek out another plan of action. Under these circumstances, it is best to seek out the help of an attorney.

An attorney will cost you money, but you can always find ones who are willing to work pro-bono. There are also public attorneys who can help you out. 

The process may go slower with public attorneys, as they have a lot of cases to work on as well. But at the very least, it will save you money.