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How To Fill Out Divorce Papers

How To Fill Out Divorce Papers

Divorce is never an easy process. You not only need a lot of resources including money, lawyers, and time, but there is also a lot of paperwork needed in order to file. 

A whole lot of paperwork. In fact, the paperwork is the first requirement to start a divorce process. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But it’s an important one. And you want to make sure you fill out the papers correctly. This is one of those things where it may be helpful to have your divorce attorney help you.

So, how do you fill out a divorce paper? Today, we will discuss how to fill out your divorce papers, and more.

How To Fill Out Divorce Papers

The first thing is to figure out what forms you need to fill out and where to find them. Usually the easiest thing to do is get the required divorce forms online. Or, if you prefer, you can go to your county clerk’s office and get the necessary paperwork there.

The necessary forms can vary from state to state, but are generally the following: 

  • Family court cover sheet
  • Complaint for divorce
  • Summons

A Joint Preliminary Injunction is an optional form. This form does the following: 

  • Makes it so neither you or your spouse is able to hide, sell, or dispose of community property
  • Prevents both you and your spouse from cancelling or changing beneficiaries on retirement plans and insurance
  • Prevents both you and your spouse from harassing each other, children, relatives, and/or family pets
  • Prevents both you and your spouse to relocating your children without written permission

More Information on Each of the Necessary Forms 

A Family Court Cover Sheet is one of the required paperwork necessary for a divorce. This form asks you basic information about yourself, your spouse, and any children you and your spouse have together. 

A Complaint for Divorce form states to the judge and your spouse what you want out of the divorce. You will check boxes and fill out blanks regarding the following: 

  • The kind of child custody as well as visitation schedule
  • The amount of child support 
  • Division of property and debts
  • If alimony should be ordered 
  • If you want to restore your former name

If you have children together, tick the “Complaint for Divorce – With Children.” Otherwise, tick the “Complaint for Divorce – No Children.”

A Summons is a form that informs your spouse that you have filed for a divorce. The same form also tells your spouse that he/she must respond within a certain period depending on the state. 

Next Steps After Filling out the Forms

Once you fill out forms you need to file them. Filing for a divorce has a fee. The cost of filing will depend on the state where you live. 

There are three ways to file the divorce papers necessary. You can either mail it, send it online, or file in person. 

Lastly, you have to serve the papers to your spouse. But you will not directly serve the divorce papers. Instead you will find a third party to serve the papers to your spouse. Who will serve your spouse the papers differ from state to state.