Do you live in Indiana and want to get a divorce?

One of the most common things people in this situation want to know is how much a divorce is going to cost.

Getting a divorce often is not a simple process. And, as you probably know, it can cost a lot of money. The breakup of a marriage can be costly for both spouses by the time all is said and done.

How much a divorce ends up costing depends on several factors.

For instance, a contested divorce takes significantly more time, and money than an uncontested divorce does since there are a greater number of issues to litigate.

The state where you live is another factor that contributes to the overall expense of a divorce proceeding. So, how much does a divorce cost in Indiana?

Let’s talk about how much it will cost you to get a divorce in the state of Indiana, as well as the various things that go into determining these fees.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Indiana?

The average cost in the United States ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. But it can get much higher or lower than that. The good news for those who live in Indiana is the average cost of a divorce there is lower than the national average.

In Indiana, the average cost of having a divorce ranges from less than $2000 to $13,000. That depends largely on whether there are children involved or not. 

Filing fees also differ on a state-by-state basis. The average filing fee for a divorce in Indiana is $157. But it ranges from $132 to $180. 

While these are the averages, the exact costs of your divorce will depend on many factors. One of the factors that will affect the cost of your divorce is whether it is contested or uncontested. 

Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce

A contested divorce is a divorce that involves one or many issues, such as child support and child alimony. 

Other issues are involved in a divorce case, such as spousal support, division of property, and more. And they make divorce more expensive. 

A contested divorce is much more expensive because of the amount of effort that will be put into settling issues. And another thing that will affect the overall costs of a divorce is the appeal. 

Lawyer Fees

Of course, a divorce lawyer can be necessary for a divorce, especially a contested one. And hiring a divorce lawyer can up the overall fees of a divorce. 

The national average cost of hiring a divorce lawyer ranges from $175 to $500 per hour. But in Indiana, the average cost of a divorce lawyer is $400 per hour. 

However, in the long run, a good divorce attorney can end up saving you money by negotiating the best deal possible in the divorce.

Fault-Based Divorce 

The state of Indiana is a no-fault divorce state. That means you or your spouse do not necessarily need to allege each other’s faults. 

A fault-based divorce is more expensive than a no-fault one because of the time and effort to prove the defendant’s fault. 

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